October 15, 2010

English Announcement



Featuring “Congruence” and “Discourse”

Dearest Colleagues and Friends, Greetings.

The Soochow University Department of Philosophy will be hosting the Second International Workshop on “Philosophy‧Sign‧Narrative” on 13-14 Nov. 2010.

Preceded by the First Workshop on 1-2 July of the year, this 2nd one will be featuring such narratological aspects of “congruence” and “discourse” in their philosophical and semiotical materializations.

In the Workshop will be two special practical sessions, respectively devoted to Chinese-philosophical narratology and to the philosophical narratology of “René Descartes.”

For further information, please click on: philo-sign-narrative.blogspot.com, or contact Professor Cristal Huang and the steering committee on: philo.sign.narrative@gmail.com.

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